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together? that's what disappoints me he's tearing-- what's he going to say next, obama is not black enough, is he not white enough? i don't care if he's trying to get attention or not you're a journalist and supposed to put things out that people want to hear. >> sean: great comments. greta is next, see you tomorrow. >> tonight, is president obama doing a power grab, bypassing congress to do just what he wants to do, cutting out the co-equal branch of congress. and newt gingrich is here to talk about the potential for power grab. "on the record" starts now. >> a bunch of liberal democrats worried about guns talking about using executive orders, what could it possibly be about? a gun grab. >> the president is going to pact through executive orders, executive action can be taken. >> if you have a president who thinks that executive orders trump the constitution, it doesn't really matter how many americans think that the constitution guarantees them the right to own a gun. >> the latest on a gruesome murder trial underway in phoenix right now. >> she already said, i did it, so the only thing
't have the slightest clue. look at obama. he goes off to hawaii. what is it a trip, it's $4 million on air force one. not to mention what it's costing us to rent his home. you don't have the slightest idea. obama couldn't pay for 1/ 1//100th of the lifestyle on his own, never. he couldn't do t. but he's living it. >> allen west is here. good evening, sir. >> the president right now at this minute is in hawaii, playing golf. what message does that send to the american people? >> well, one of the things that you learn in the military is that leadership is about setting an example. when you look at the suffering that is going on down in main street, there is a big chasm, a huge divide between washington, d.c. and the rest of this country. what is so important for economic growth in the united states of america is capital, is people having the money in their pockets to be able to invest, innovation and the growth of small businesses and other businesses and corporations. but what you see happening right now is a redistribution of that wealth through taxation. when you look at the afford
. >> obama and michelle, would they allow their daughters to watch this program. where is jesse jackson and al sharpton, where is the outrage. >> is this stereo type, she mentioned race one of the women we interviewed. do you think it has anything to do with this? i don't see this as race related? >> it's people making deplorable, ridiculous, irresponsible decisions and it's outrageous to be-- paying these people money to be on a tv show, glorifying this kind of behavior. >> he takes care of his family, he takes care of his kids. but he takes care of them, he's not octo-mom which were you just talking about. >> sean: thanks, guys. greta is next, see you back here tomorrow night. >> tonight, could it be possible, could retired fbi agent bob levinson be alive after all these years, captive in iran? and is the united states doing anything about it? we have new photos tonight of levinson who vanished in iran almost six years ago. his wife christine is here and we'll hear from her in just a few seconds and plus, there's much more ahead. "on the record" starts right now. now. >> . >> greta: w
to be redistributed, where all the people get their mitts on it. they don't have the slightest clue. look at obama. he goes off to hawaii, what going to trip out and back is 4 million bucks on air force one. not to mention what it's costing us to rent his home when he's out there. haven't the slightest idea. obama couldn't pay for 1/100 of the life style he's living on his own, never. he couldn't do it. but he's living it. >> former congressman allen west joins us, good morning, sir. >> good morning, and happy new year, greta. >> happy new year to you, too. rush limbaugh says that washington is essentially a boom town and i must confess, the houses, they're home for the weekend the senate isn't going to work weekends, and maybe their constituents, and the president this minute is in hawaii playing golf. what kind of message does that send to the american people? >> well, one of the things that you learn in the military is that leadership is about setting an example. and when you look at the suffering that's going on down in main street, there is a big chasm a huge divide between washington d.c. and t
. republicans already ripping apart president obama's pick for treasury secretary. senator jeff sessions says nominee jack lew must never be secretary of the treasurand the senator has a lot more to say and he's here. much more ahead, on the record starts right now. >> the president dominated his current chief of staff jack lew to replace the outgoing treasury secretary tim geithner. >> i cannot think of a better person to continue tim's work at treasury than jack lew. >> jack lew is very partisan, he's very political. >> he already has some strong opposition especially from the top lawmaker on the senate budget committee jeff sessions. you can't have somebody-- >> i trust his judgment, value his friendship, i know very few people get greater integrity than the man to my left. >> jack lew and the president don't think that spending is the problem. wasteful government spending is the problem. >> prosecutors say arias had one last tryst with travis alexander, killed him in a ferocious gun and knife attack. it's not a case of whodunit. it's a case of kill or be killed. if i didn't kill him, i my
directly to secretary of state clinton or president obama? >> vispoken to each of them. >> and they have said what? >> that they will do everything they can to help us get bob home. >> and what are they doing? >> i believe that they're working through diplomatic channels, as i said. the ones i know are working on a daily basis are the fbi agents. and they have been extremely diligent in uncovering anything they can dpiend about bob. >> i know that you have been very patient, your family's been very patient and you want the government to do everything. i hope the united states can step up the pressure. we don't like to leave americans overseas like that. anyway, thank you. nice to see you. come on back. >> thank you. thank you. >> now to new dangers from the recently published gun map, showing the names and addresses of new york gun owners. rockland county law enforcement saying the journal news map is putting their officers in the line of fire. they say jail inmates are taunting officer, threatening the officers that they may know the guards' home addresses. the rockland county sheriff i
on the position of treasury secretary. >> greta: president obama says he facilitates deal, citing president reagan and speaker o'neill on social security and president clinton and a republican congress on the issue of a budget deal. i am curious whether you agree that he has brought the two sides together. if so, where has that been in the last go-round, the last 18 months? >> the last fiscal cliff deal, he -- his chief of staff at the white house, he was involved in the negotiations. they went nowhere until senator mccog urged vice-president bide tone get involved. that's when an agreement was reached. it wasn't jack lew that reached that agreement. he also, when he agreed to the budget spending reductions as part of the budget control act, 18 months ago, he -- he proposed a budget, the next budget that they put forward, wiped out 60% of those cuts, even though he agreed to them in august and january, he was proposing to giving back 60% of them and spending more money -- >> greta: i guess it's pretty clear -- i guess it's pretty clear you have a strong opinion on this one? >> i really do. i can n
with conscience. >> greta: this is a fox news alert, president obama is expected to nominate white house chief of staff jack blue as the-- jack lew, a source telling all, but a done deal, an announcement by the end of this week as treasury secretary. and nominated chuck hagel as defense secretary and the treasury secretary nomination would round out the president's cabinet and stay with fox news channel for the latest on this breaking news story. and straight ahead, a shocking rape case that's ripping apart a small town. the accused two high school football players and now disturbing video has gone viral and inciting outrage across the nation. that's next. new information tonight about that infamous map showing where gun owners live and the new outrage. the latest against the newspaper that published it. on the record tracking down the publisher coming up. watch out warren buffett, bill gates and even oprah winfrey, someone is calling for your heads. who got caught on camera suggesting we behead the rich? i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin. [ designer ] enough of just covering u
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)